LightsFlare International Photography Awards 2020 Frequently Asked Questions:
FAQ : 

Q: How do I enter?
Step 1 : Create your online profile
then log in your profile. 
Step 2 : Resize your images
sRGB or Adobe98 colour space, 8-bit ;
Longest dimension: 1000 pixels, 72dpi, maximum 500kb.
- Saved as a JPG;
Step 3 : Rename your images
CategoryName_FullName_SerialNumber(example : Lifestyle_JhonSmith_01.jpg) [No space]
Step 4 : Go to My Submission menu > New submission > Select Your Category 
Step  5 : Upload your images and then
Go to the payment details option on the payment menu.
Step 6 : Payement
Proceed to payment to validate your submission.

After complete the payment process then you will receive an email confirmation.
Q:What are the categories in your competition?
A: Lightsflare Photography Awards 2020 is made up of 5 categories divided for professional and amateur level of expertise:
  1. Travel / Lifestyle / Documentary / Street / Portrait
  2. wildlife / macro
  3. landscape / cityscape / Long-exposure
  4. Drone / Aerial
  5. Mobile (theme open)
Q: What is the entry fee?
A: The entry fee for each photo is only $1
Q: How many Entries can I submit?
A: You can submit minimum 3 pictures and maximum 25 pictures in any category of your choice.
Q: How can I pay my entry fees?
A: You can pay by Bkash For Bangladeshi Participants And PayPal For International Participants. Paypal payments are processed in USD currency
Q: Can I submit my images via e-mail, as prints or CDs in the mail?
A: We only accept digital submissions via our website. It's the fastest and most convenient way for you and for us.
Q: Can I enter one image into multiple categories?
A: Yes, you may enter the same image into as many categories as want. Additional fee for next category is $1.
Q: Can I make changes to my entry after I have paid?
A: No, after payment has been made, entries cannot be edited.
Q: How are the entries judged?
A: All entries will be judged "in the blind" by some of the most creative photographers on the planet!  In the blind means that they do not know who the photographer is  or the name of the image.  All submissions are rated  on the basis of creativity, composition, technical ability, originality, interpretation of the theme.
Q: Can I enter an image that has been published?
A: Both published and unpublished work is accepted.
Q: Can I enter an image that won other competitions?
A: Images that have won prizes in other competitions or that have been submitted to other competitions currently underway are eligible.
Q: Are the RAW/original camera files requested?
A: Participants who will be listed in the final round are requested to submit the RAW/original camera files of their photographs upon Finalist.
Q: Is there a time limit on when the photograph was taken?
A: There are no restrictions on the date of a photograph.
Q: Do you accept digitally manipulated images?
A: Digitally manipulated images are Not accepted.
Q: What happens if I forget to fill out a field in the entry form?
A: You will not be able to submit the entry form until all required items have been filled out. If you overlook a required field, a message will be displayed. Please follow the on-screen instructions to complete the form.
Q: I'm having problems uploading data.
A: Try to read the instructions on the entry form again. If you are unable to resolve the problem after reading the instructions, send an e-mail inquiry to
Q: Can I get a refund?
A: No. Entry fees are non-refundable.
Q: When and how are the results announced?
A: LightsFlare International Photography Awards will contact the winners via e-mail at their registered e-mail addresses by late 10-12-2020. We also plan to announce the 17 winners and 100 winning entries on the Lightsflare International Photography Awards website  ( ) by 16-12-2020.